Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

We Grow:

  • We grow several varieties of hardneck garlic, which produce scapes in the late spring.


Storage Tips

Garlic scapes will keep ~3 weeks when refrigerated loosely in plastic.

Nutritional Information

They are high in fiber and contain good amounts of vitamin C and pro-vitamin A, which protects your skin and lungs.

Fun facts

  • Garlic scapes are a long curly stem that grows from hardnecked garlic.
  • Chop them into salads or use them as a topping, like scallions.
  • Taste-wise, garlic scapes are garlicky but with a fresh “green” taste. 
  • They can be used in any dish where one usually uses garlic but would like a garlic flavor with less bite than garlic cloves.